Founding Editor, MAKING THE NOVEL

Conceptualizer, The MDR Poetry Generator

Gallery Director, North Fork Arts Projects

Publisher, Meritage Press and Minitage Editions

Curator, Eileen’s Tiny Books

Curator, The Filipino-Pilipinz Writers’ Desks

Editor & Critic, THE HALO-HALO REVIEW / Mangozine

Editor & Critic, Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement)

Author of Manuscript-in-Progress, The Blurbed Book Project

Author of Single Poem That Inspired a Response Anthology, 1,000 Views of Girl Singing (Curator John Bloomberg-Rissman)

Curator, LinkedIn Poetry Recommendations

Curator, Eileen Lives With Art

Member, Philippine American Publishers Consortium

Curator, Sit With Moi / Mini Books on Mini Chairs

Library Director, Bibliotheca Invisibilis

Contributing Editor for the Arts, Our Own Voice

Guest Editor, TRUCK’s Special Issue on “The Catalog or List Poem”

Curator, Poet-Editor Folio, Otoliths #17

Curator, Poets on Adoption

Author, Babaylan Poetics

Curator, Poets on the Great Recession

Poetry Reading on CD, with guest artist Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, The Empty Flagpole (Jeepney Productions, Producer Theodore S. Gonsalvez, 2000)