NEW!! Conceptualizer (with Submissions Call to New Anthology): Flooid Poetry

Founding Editor, MAKING THE NOVEL

Conceptualizer, The MDR Poetry Generator

Gallery Director, North Fork Arts Projects

Publisher, Meritage Press and Minitage Editions

Curator, Eileen’s Tiny Books

Curator, The Filipino-Pilipinz Writers’ Desks

Editor & Critic, THE HALO-HALO REVIEW / Mangozine

Editor & Critic, Galatea Resurrects (A Poetry Engagement)

Author of Manuscript-in-Progress, The Blurbed Book Project

Author of Single Poem That Inspired a Response Anthology, 1,000 Views of Girl Singing (Curator John Bloomberg-Rissman)

Curator, LinkedIn Poetry Recommendations

Curator, Eileen Lives With Art

Member, Philippine American Publishers Consortium

Curator, Sit With Moi / Mini Books on Mini Chairs

Library Director, Bibliotheca Invisibilis

Contributing Editor for the Arts, Our Own Voice

Guest Editor, TRUCK’s Special Issue on “The Catalog or List Poem”

Curator, Poet-Editor Folio, Otoliths #17

Curator, Poets on Adoption

Author, Babaylan Poetics

Curator, Poets on the Great Recession

Poetry Reading on CD, with guest artist Mei-mei Berssenbrugge, The Empty Flagpole (Jeepney Productions, Producer Theodore S. Gonsalvez, 2000)