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Lecture and Interview for KULECTERATURA
July 2021 Event Video available on Facebook.

Reine Arcache Melvin hosts conversation with Eileen R. Tabios, AC Institute, April 7, 2021

Cristina Querrer interviews Eileen R. Tabios on “yourartsygirl podcast” (Episode 2, February 7, 2019)



Exchange with Eileen R. Tabios on ‘Candescence’” by Denise Low and Thomas Fink, Dichtung Yammer, May 2023

Freeing the Poem from the Poet,” a crafts essay on titling poems, Marsh Hawk Press’ “Chapter One” series online, April 2023

Backstory of the Poem, ‘The Return of DoveLion’,” Art & Humanity, December 2022

How a Poet Writes a Novel,” Marsh Hawk Review, Spring 2022 (P. 58)

Arthur Sze and his poem “The White Orchard,” The Margins, Dec. 8, 2021

Exchange with Eileen R. Tabios on DOVELION,” Dichtung Yammer, May 1, 2021

DOVELION by Eileen R. Tabios: The Marsh Hawk Connection,” Marsh Hawk Blog, April 2, 2021

Returning to my Beloved Margins: How I Got My Novel Published,” Otoliths, Issue 59, Southern Spring 2020

“Denise Low Interviews Eileen R. Tabios,” Denise Low Blog, Oct. 8, 2020

“A Letter From Napa Valley, Where Love Burns Hotter Than The Glass Fire,” Zocalo Public Square, Oct. 8, 2020

“Angela Manalang Gloria,” Marsh Hawk Press “Chapter One” Project, September 2020

A Day in the Life, in the Age of Covid-19” by Luis H. Francia, AAARI/Cuny NY, May 2020

“Tiny Stickers: A Covid-19 Autobiography (March 2020)” at Otoliths, April 2020

“On Angela Manalang Gloria” at The Operating System’s 9th Annual NaPoMo 30/30/30, April 1, 2020

“Reflecting on Walt Whitman at 200 [and Kapwa]” at North American Review’s “Every Atom” series, Oct. 9, 2019

“Contributor Spotlight,” The Bellingham Review, July 10, 2019

“MURDER DEATH RESURRECTION: Another way for poetry,” Jacket2, June 20, 2019

“Eileen Tabios Interview” by Jeffrey Side, The Argotist, May 2019

“My First Book,” Marsh Hawk Press’ “Chapter One Project,” April 2019

“Within the Filipino Diasporic Cloud,” Verity LA, March 12, 2019


From “Pilipinz Cloudygenous”

“On Susan M. Schultz,” Talisman #47, January 2019

“My Torrance,” #allpinayeverything, Oct. 2, 2018

“AUTO (An OBU Manifesto,” Dispatches Poetry Wars, March 12, 2018

On Beauty and HIRAETH, Filipino Indigenous Wisdom, March 4, 2018

“Once, my life intersected with V.C. Igarta,” The FilAm, Dec. 8, 2017

“Jonathan Mulcahy-King Interviews Eileen R. Tabios,” X-Peri, Oct. 16, 2017

“My Writing Day,” my (small press) writing day, Oct. 13, 2017

“Michelle O’Connor: My Most Valuable Art-Writing,” Eileen Verbs Books, Sept. 21, 2017

“Exchange with Eileen R. Tabios on her Poetics” with Thomas Fink, Dichtung Yammer, April 26, 2017

“‘I tinker a lot with subverting the form of (auto)biography’–on IMMIGRANT: Hay(na)ku & Other Poems in a New Land” with Will Woolfitt, Speaking of Marvels, April 11, 2017

“Eileen R. Tabios: Interview” by Kenneth Butler, WATERMELON ISOTOPE, March 7, 2017

Facebook Interview by Ano Ba Magazine, Feb. 24, 2017

The Sheriff’s Advice“, Queen Mob’s Teahouse

“Excavating the Filipino in Me” with Pearl Yasmin, Tinfish, 2016

When Poetry, Aided by Chickens, Took Revenge Against the Termites,” Otoliths, Southern Winter 2016

Babaylan Poetics & The MDR Poetry Generator,” SEEDINGS, Issue One, Spring 2016

Redeeming the Monster Dolls,” Queen Mob’s Teahouse, Dec. 21, 2015

BlazeVOX Interview with Eileen Tabios,” BlazeVOX 15, Spring 2015

Festschrift for Tony Frazer,” November 2015

We Who Are About to Die: Eileen R. Tabios,” Ottawa Poetry Newsletter, Nov. 1, 2015

No Longer Casual,” Ottawa Poetry Newsletter: On Writing #75, Oct. 27, 2015

The Mortality Asemics,” Queen Mob’s Tea House, May 26, 2015

“Post Mano A Birdo,” ENTROPY, April 13, 2015

Three Questions (on I Take Thee, English, For My Beloved),Marsh Hawk Press Blog, December 2014

“John Bloomberg-Rissman Interviews Eileen R. Tabios,” ARDUITY, October 2014

“Behind the Scenes of  a Fundraising Anthology–Verses: A Storm of Filipino Poets,” Our Own Voice, June 2014

“Writing Process Blog Tour” with William Allegrezza, Eileen Verbs Books, April 28, 2014

“Five Qs with Eileen R. Tabios” Writing Like An Asian, Jan. 31, 2014

“Transcript: Reading and Interview at Library of Congress” with interview by Brian Cohen of the LOC Poetry and Literature Center

“Educating the Shih: A Filipina Poetics,” The Bakery, Dec. 6, 2012

“On Galatea Resurrects” by Drew Butler, University of Colorado, Oct. 8, 2011

“12 or 20 questions with Eileen R. Tabios,” rob mclennan’s blog, Aug. 14, 2011

“Curated prompt: Eileen R. Tabios—A Writing Prompt That Goes With the Flow” by Iris Law, Lantern Review, May 6, 2011

“Indie Publishing: Two Questions and Several Answers” by Barbara Jane Reyes, Poetry Foundation/Harriet, Nov. 10, 2009

“Hay(na)ku: The Philippine Haiku and Eileen Tabios, Its Creator” by Rochita Loenen-Ruiz Haynaku, MUNTING NAYON, Issue 94, Netherlands, March 2006

“On the Path of the Shona to Sculpt the Masvikiru Quatrains,” Moria Poetry, Vol. 7, 2005

“Homage to Gloria Rodriguez, Publisher,” Our Own Voice, September 2005

“Interview with Eileen R. Tabios” by Tom Beckett, E-X-C-H-A-N-G-E-V-A-L-U-E-S, April 12, 2005

“MAGANDA: Thoughts on Poetic Form (A Hermetic Perspective,” MELUS, Spring 2004

“Carrion, kare-an, Carry On,” Poetry Introduction to Screaming Monkeys (Coffee House Press, 2003)

“Redeeming My Faith in Ekphrasis,” Jacket 23, August 2003

“Poems Form/From The Six Directions,” Our Own Voice, October 2002

“On Jose Garcia Villa (Pen Oakland Josephine Miles National Literary Award,” README, 2000

“Eileen Tabios Interview” by Purvi Shah, README