PRISES/(Double Take)

French Translator: Fanny Garin

Angle Mort Editions
Letterpress printing on Fedrigoni paper for the cover. Risographic print on Olin Rough paper for indoor use. Printed and assembled by the editors at the Presses du Pré.
Release Date: Summer 2022

ISBN 978-2-9578277-2-5

Price: 5 Euros; Distributor: Angle Mort Editions


“Double Take” is available in English in Love in a Time of Belligerence (Éditions du Cygne / SWAN World, Paris, 2017). Some responses that encompass “Double-Take”/PRISES:

Eileen Tabios’ poetry is alive with vivid, striking imagery. Reality shifts and bends; things are never what they seem. A powerful voice narrates these poems, one of daring and clarity.
—Erica Goss, Sticks & Stones


Each [poem] meanders through the maze of memory and reconstruction of the past and references to the art of word craftsmanship in a manner that immediately becomes awe-inspiring.
—Grady Harp, Hall of Fame Reviewer


The Contents of Love In A Time of Belligerence are most inspiring… If you wish to follow Eileen Tabios, you will have to work hard to open up all the synapses of your brain; she escapes from any classification/calculation – improvised detection – instinctive deflection any reader has to protect him- herself, and is still there to hit, entertain, surprise, enchant, and escape.
—Anny Ballardini, # allpinayeverything