Love In A Time of Belligerence
Éditions du Cygne / SWAN World
ISBN: 978-2-84924-503-3
Publisher’s Book Page
Release Date: Fall 2017
Pages: 74
Price: 13 Euros; U.S.$16.00
Distributors: Éditions du Cygne, Amazon, Among Others

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To understand human history is to recognize the eternal presence of belligerence. Eileen R. Tabios’ Love in a Time of Belligerence surfaces a variety of wars and their collateral damage of nature, indigenous culture, pets and infants, democracy, teachers, the poor, even “sex dolls,” among others. Such spirals to more losses: innocence, ideals, loyalties, family, and hopes. Love can be an antidote … until it’s not. The world presented in Tabios’ poetry does not reduce humanity to problem-and-solution—her poetry is one of insistent lucidity, which is an accomplishment on its own when one wants to hide one’s eyes from the world

“Eileen Tabios has been a grand force in U.S. poetry … and it’s difficult to think of our own time without acknowledging what a large psychic space she has made for us. The sheer volume of her writing is impressive, like the rivers of Tigris and Euphrates; among postwar Americans, maybe only Leslie Scalapino, Steve Jonas, Alice Notley and Lew Ellingham have written so much with such assurance and endless, difficult-made-easy experimentation.
—Kevin Killian, poet, writer, playwright, critic, editor and Amazon Hall of Fame Reviewer


In Galatea Resurrects (Aug. 8, 2017), Eileen R. Tabios discusses her thought process as to how she came to choose the image for the book’s front cover: the painting “A Simple Word” by Marc Gaba. You can see her essay HERE.