DOVELION: A Fairy Tale for Our Times

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DOVELION: A Fairy Tale for Our Times

A First Novel by Eileen R. Tabios

(Placeholder Art by Matt Manalo: “Waterwall 02,” 2019. Mixed media on canvas)


The novel contains one Appendix and it is the long poem “The Return of DoveLion,” available online through its publisher Erotoplasty 7 (Editor Colin Lee Marshall). Click HERE (Pages 124-130) to read the poem which was written by the novel’s primary protagonist, Elena. Here also are some excerpted lines:

7: I forgot there is a country somewhere on the opposite of where I stand on this earth, a country whose scents stubbornly perfume my dreams.

46: I forgot discovering the limited utility of calm seas.

124: I forgot aching for fiction that would not chasten my days.

141: I forgot addiction to Duende for its intimacy with savagery.

142: I forgot greeting mornings as an exposed nerve.

1,034: I forgot the anguish of knowledge.

68: I forgot love stutters over a lifetime.

—from “The Return of DoveLion”


DoveLion will be presented by Eileen R. Tabios and Leny Mendoza Strobel during the 2020 Conference, to be Virtual for the first time, by The Society of Indigenous and Ancestral Wisdom and Healing. More information HERE about the Nov. 22, 2020 event: