Moria Books’ Locofo Chaps (Chicago, 2017).

TO BE AN EMPIRE IS TO BURN inaugurates Moria Book’s “politically oriented” Locofo Chaps series. In 20 pages, the chap addresses the state of the nations U.S.A. and Philippines as of its release date of  January 2017, as well as the “poetry world.” For readers who don’t know some of the mentioned people, the names are easy to google.

Available as an online read at Locofo Chaps.

Available as a printed publication ($5.00) through Moria Books’ Lulu.

Cover image from “Colored Fire” Series (2012) by Dan Waber.

Ever the prolific and prudent poet, Ms. Tabios declares in 11 poems over 20 pages what others might attempt to do in 150. In attainable and straightforward language, the poet summons contemporary muses, including activists amplifying the struggle, architects of change. Brevity notwithstanding, her verses deliver a needful jolt to deeper political awakening, resistance and action.”
—Maileen Hamto, The Halo-Halo Review (December 2018)

“…a razor cut through the contemporary poetry embodying a movement that initiates in the world and flowers into the political subject of the individual.”
—Freke Räihä, Galatea Resurrects (April 2017)

“this volume is biting, harsh, and stark, blending three elements that always make for good political prose.”
—M. Earl Smith, The Halo-Halo Review (December 2017)



The Locofo Series is featured on KQED’s feature, “First 100 Days: Art in the Age of Trump.” The following photos were taken for this April 20, 2017 feature article by Jonathan Curiel:

Tabios w: Locofo chaps

Book matches

Tabios Selfie

Burnt Chap