Political Love

Publisher: Booksby Press

Release Date: August 2021

Edition: Miniature Book (1-3/4″ x 2-5/8″)

Price: $25.00

Distributor: Booksby Press. You can also request a signed copy from the Author

Political Love presents poems at the intersection—indeed, the collision—of politics and love.


Book design and bound by Todd Sommerfeld: silver-stamped faux suede binding on hardcover. Marbled Paper by Steve Pittelkow.


Political Love‘s Book Prospectus

Size: 1.5″


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This is a fine collection that seeks to explore power, politics and love. Sometimes these elements work for the common good but often they fall short through human weakness and greed and it is the poorest in society, those in most need, who suffer as a result.

-Neil Leadbeater, The Microbibliophile, Vol. XL, No. 6, Issue 234, November 2021 (full review available online at The Halo-Halo Review, 2022)


“I was so enamoured with  your use of language – you have a natural storytelling gift! With that said, my favorite poems are “Smoke Taint,” “Shooting Haiku,” “Melt Up!,” and “Halcyon  Days in the Anthropocene”–all spoke to me. Finally, I loved the use of ideas from the “Professor and the Madman”! [Also,] physically, the book feels wonderful in my hands: the touch of the black velvet and the gorgeous marbled papers!”

-Nina Mazzo, miniature book collector and publisher


Permissions Copy for University of Michigan Press

for one of Political Love’s poems co-authored with Denise Low. “Nonnos 28: Cyclops Demigods Fight the King of India’s Army” is excerpted with permission from Tales of Dionysus: The Dionysiaca of Nonnus of Panopolis, edited by William Levitan and Stanley Lombardo, published by the University of Michigan Press, (c) 2022.


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Political Love is honored to be in U.K.-based miniature book collector Joe Sciascia’s Collection! In pictures, Political Love is second from the right on the bottom shelf.