If They Hadn’t Worn White Hoods, 8 Million Would Have Shown Up in the Photographs


A collaboration with John Bloomberg-Rissman

Project Description available HERE.

(Moria Books / Locofo Chaps, Chicago, 2017)

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Selected Reviews:
Climate change, immigration, “fake news,” the media and the big business of the corporate world are just some of the topics satirized in this poem. At one point, there is an illustration of an elephant superimposed over a graph revealing changes in real income whose curve happens to coincide with that of the shape of the elephant. This maybe is the elephant in the room that everyone is aware of but chooses to ignore…./

I have a feeling that our great English satirists, Pope and Dryden, would have really enjoyed reading this collection if they had been alive today.
–Neil Leadbeater, Galatea Resurrects, July 2018

the type of biting satire that legends such as George Carlin and Anthony Jeselnik pioneered
–M. Earl Smith, Galatea Resurrects, April 2017