HAY(NA)KU 15: A Call For Submissions

HAY(NA)KU 15-Year Anniversary Celebration
@ San Francisco Public Library
Filipino American Center/Kresge Foundation International Center

Co-Sponsors: Philippine American Writers & Artists, Inc. (PAWA) and Meritage Press

To celebrate the 15th birthday of the poetic form hay(na)ku, there will be a summer exhibition, reading, and new anthology in 2018. This is a CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for the anthology, with a working title of HAY(NA)KU 15!

Deadline: February 28, 2018 NEW: Deadline extended to March 18, 2018 for poets 18 years of age or younger!
Editor/Curator: Eileen R. Tabios
Anthology Introduction: by Abraham Ignacio, Filipino American Center Librarian, SFPL
Publisher: Meritage Press

Submission of Hay(na)ku Poems
—1 to 3 poems
—Poems can be the basic hay(na)ku tercet or any of the hay(na)ku variations. (If it’s an esoteric variation or one of your inventions, feel free to include a Note on Form.)
—Non-English poems are eligible if they come with English translations
—Visual poetry is eligible if the work can be reprinted in a 6 x 9 book in black-and-white
—Collaborative submissions are also eligible
—Open to all poets (you need not be Filipino)
—Submissions can be previously-published as long as the author carries rights to allow its republication. If previously-published, send with acknowledgments
—Not eligible: hay(na)ku previously published in the first three hay(na)ku anthologies as we would like to anthologize different (and new) work
—Send submissions to Eileen Tabios at meritagepress@gmail.com

Special Invitation for Students
We love having students participate in hay(na)ku projects. For example, The Hay(na)ku Anthology, Vol. II featured student hay(na)ku from a poetry class taught by Elizabeth Robinson at the University of Colorado, Boulder. If you are a teacher (all levels) or workshop instructor and would like to have students focus on hay(na)ku, with possible publication in HAY(NA)KU 15, please contact the editor!

Submissions and Contact Info: meritagepress@gmail.com


HAY(NA)KU 15 will be the fourth anthology of hay(na)ku since its public debut in 2003. Thank you, Universe!

The first three hay(na)ku anthologies (jointly published by Meritage Press (U.S.) and xPress(ed) (Finland) are:

The First Hay(na)ku Anthology, 2005, edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young

THE HAY(NA)KU ANTHOLOGY, Vol. II, 2008, edited by Jean Vengua and Mark Young

The Chained Hay(na)ku Project, 2012, curated by Ivy Alvarez, John Bloomberg-Rissman, Ernesto Priego & Eileen Tabios