Publisher: Tony Firman Bookbinding
Nota Bene: A miniature book at 2″ x 3″
Release Date: 2020
Price: $75 signed
Pages: 38 
Distribution: Minitage Editions and Ebay

WHAT COUNTS is a short story about a couple, Thomas and Susie, who try to collect enough miniature books to garner the Guinness Book World Record for Most Miniature Books. In the process, they learn “what counts.”

The author thanks Louis W. Bondy whose groundbreaking book, MINIATURE BOOKS (Sheppard Press, London, 1981), provided background research for some elements to the story.


From THE MICROBIBLIOPHILE, July 2021 (Editor James Brogan), a review by Neil Leadbeater:

The reviewer’s Conclusion: “Bibliophiles will love it!”


We’re also delighted to receive a review from miniature book expert, collector, and publisher Todd Sommerfeld of the Miniature Book Society:

WHAT COUNTS has been acquired by Mrs. Caroline Brandt for her Miniature Book Collection, which someday will be shelved at the University of Virginia’s Albert and Shirley Small Special Collections Library. More information HERE.